The global water crisis is a priority issue for Rotary International. The small, but robust Rotary Club, Peninsula Sunrise from Redwood City, believes that recent technology breakthroughs in water purification can provide a big advantage. One of our primary benefactors, GE, takes the challenge to heart.
Redwood High, a continuation high school in Redwood City, CA is comprised of kids who haven't been successful in the traditional school settings. Here, with a high teacher-to-pupil ratio, and a shared mision to graduate high school and go on to either college or trade school, students are given a running chance to succeed. At Woodside High, the Green Academy and Earth Club are spending the Fall studying how important issues of water are to all inhabitants of the planet.
Want to join a dynamic group of business and community leaders to think globally and act locally? Then either of the two Redwood City Rotary Clubs are for you! One meets at 7:30am every Tuesday, the other at noon. With major events throughout the year and dozens of ways to make a difference, we would welcome you to join in the effort!
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